This is a group reaching out to those in need at St. Michael’s.

Makes meals after a hospital stay
Patriotic Rosary every November
Assembles College and Military stress boxes
Visits Nursing Homes & Shut-Ins and hand out Shut-In Bags
Rakes leaves for Shut-Ins
Shovels snow for Shut-Ins
Ring bells for the Salvation Army
Sends cards to those in need
Help with St. Joseph Outreach Dinners

Our Group is willing to help anyone in our Parish Family!!
You don’t have to do it all -- only what you want to do.

We meet just 4 times a year (usually 30 minutes).

This is a great group to join when you have a little time to give.

For More Information:
Julie Felix 375-2774
Theresa Cyphert 371-9035